30 Apr

Free Postal Shipping Scale

No matter what product you sell on online having a postal shipping scale is probably the second most important item you will need in order to be successful (a computer is probably the first). If you’ve ever shipped a package you know that you need to have the correct weight so that you have the correct postage on it.

If you estimate the weight you’re either going to pay too much for postage or your package will be returned for not having enough postage. With the price of stamps these days you cannot afford to overpay shipping costs. If you’re an eBay seller you already have enough fees to consider without having to worry about postage too. Maybe you sell your own handmade products on Etsy.com? Or perhaps you have your very own website in which you sell stuff from. Either way, you’ll need an accurate way of weighing your packages to ship without overpaying. In this article I’m going to explain why it’s vitally important to have a postage scale for your business and how you can get one for free along with software to use it to print postage from the comfort of your home or office.

Print Postage From Your PC Sometimes sellers will offer a flat rate shipping fee. This is okay to do once in a while depending on what you’re selling, but most of the time you need to charge close to actual shipping (a small handling fee is okay) so that your buyers will want to buy from you. Believe me, they know if you’re overcharging and will click away from your auction and go on to the next. Also, it is against eBay’s rules to charge excessive shipping, if you try to do so your auction will get pulled and you will risk losing your account.
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So, to solve this problem (and to make your life so much easier) you will need to get a digital postal scale. There are many types of scales available but the best for weighing the most accurately is the digital scale. The next thing you need to decide is how much weight capacity you need for the scale you get. This will depend on what you are selling. If you’re selling something heavy then you will need a heavy duty scale, but if you are selling mostly lighter weight items such as clothing or books then you will most likely only need up to a 5 lb. capacity digital scale.

You may be asking, why do I need a postal scale when I can just take my packages to the post office and have them weighed for me? The problem with that is :

#1 You need to know the weight of your package before you list the item on eBay. Unless you package it up and take it to the post office before you list it you will not know the accurate weight. And even then you do not know who’s buying your item which means you do not know where it’s being shipped. If your package is over a certain weight this does matter depending on the shipping zone. You need to know what you’re going to charge for shipping before you list the item and your bidders need to know what they will have to pay. If you do not list your shipping charges you will lose bids.

#2 You just made an extra trip to the post office. Can you imagine having to stand in line behind 10 people just to get the weight of your package and then after it sells you will have to go back down there and stand in line again to pay to have it shipped? You don’t have time for that.

And the #3 reason why you need a digital shipping scale is because you have no reason not to get one. Did you know you can get a free postage scale worth $50 mailed to you? (you pay a small shipping fee)

Just think, If you have your own scale you can start printing your own postage at home, all you need is a computer and a printer. All you need to do to ship your package from home and never have to go to the post office again is:

#1 Weigh it – make sure you remember to include the whole package which means the item you’re selling, the box you’re shipping it in and the packing material.

#2 Print the postage right from your computer and place it to your package.

#3 Schedule a free pick-up from USPS directly from your doorstep. Yes, your postal carrier will pick up your package for you, all you need to do is go online and schedule a pick-up at least a day in advance.

Imagine never having to go to the post office again! How much time and gas will you save? And don’t forget your sanity – if you have kids and you’ve ever had to stand in line at the post office for 20 minutes with them and a handful of packages then you know what I’m talking about. So join thousands of other successful online retailers and find out how you too can get a free digital postal scale and free postage and start shipping from home.

I used this same scale (that I got for free from stamps.com) and the software it came with for years when I sold stuff on eBay. Trust me, it was a great deal. I used it daily and saved a lot of time and money in the long run with this amazing software. The free postal scale was a just a major bonus! I still use the scale ten years later for all kinds of things, from weighing food to weighing packages that need to be mailed. It has saved me so much time and countless trips to the post office! Thank you Stamps.com for the opportunity to promote such a great product and service.
Click Here to Find Out How to Get a Postal Scale for Free

01 Mar

Print Postage at Home

Yes you can print postage at home and never have to leave your house again! (At least not to go to the post office!)

You can weigh your packages, print your pre-paid postage on any paper or ready to stick label from your own printer, apply it to your package, schedule to have your package picked up by the next day. 


Q. Do I need special equipment to do this?
A. Nope. You probably already have everything you need already.

Q. What specifically do I need?

A. A scale, preferably a digital one to be accurate.

A Printer

Printer Paper or self sticking labels

Tape to tape the printed postage on if using paper

A Computer

Q. I have all of that except a scale, do I really need one?

A. Yes. You really do need one. Unless you always ship the same exact thing in the same size box with the same amount of packing material. You’ve likely already weighed it and know what it weighs.  Then you probably don’t need a scale to weigh your package.

Q. The stuff I ship is all different! What kind of scale should I get?
A. That depends on what your package weighs. Is it more than 5 lbs usually? Then you will need to buy a scale that can handle higher weighing packages.  Or is it usually under 5 lbs? If so, you’re in luck because you can get a very nice digital postal scale at no cost (except a very small shipping fee) through this link just for trying their service. The scale is valued at $50 and it weighs digitally packages up to 5 pounds.

Q. What’s the service I have to try to get the scale?
A. It’s simply software you install on your computer to enable you to print  USPS approved postage from your printer directly onto paper, labels, envelopes. You can print any type of postage including international. They also give you discounts on shipping for First Class, Express Mail, Priority Mail and even international mail.  You even save on insuring your packages.

Q. Sounds good but what’s the catch?
A. No catch. You try it for 4 weeks at no cost. When you first sign up they give you $5 in free postage and ship out a shipping scale. Then after the trial period if you want to continue the service you get more free postage coupons ($40 in all) and you pay $15.99 a month. No obligation. If you don’t like it you simply quit the trial and you get to keep the scale!

Q. Is the monthly fee really worth it?

A. Absolutely, if you ship out packages every month. Why? Because 1) Your time is valuable! No more trips to the post office. 2) It take gas and a car to get to the post office – gas is expensive! 3) Remember, you get discounts (up to 40%) on purchasing postage through the software.

Q. I really don’t have to go to the post office?
A. Nope. Unless you really miss standing in line, filling out forms and wasting time. You can schedule to have your mail carrier pick up your packages right at your front door or your mailbox.

Q. Sounds great. Where do I sign up?

A. Go Here —>>> Sign Up and Get a Special Postage Offer of $100 Value at Stamps.com! Use Code COUPON1